December 8th, 2019 - 12pm to 4pm
Block 14 - Brought to you by Lindgren Mini Storage
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Bring on the power! With a high performance battery and up to 1,500 peak amps, the Booster PAC ES5000 12V 1,500 Amp Battery Jump Starter is perfect for professionals who need serious starting power. Multiple jumps between charges and 43 in. cables make the ES5000 as convenient as it is powerful. 1,500 peak amps. 400 cranking amps. ES Series battery designed specifically for vehicle jump starting. Automatic recharging. LED battery status indicator. 43 in. #4 AWG cables.Block Closed
Booster Pack - 12 Volt Jump Starter.
Final Bid: $85.00
High Bidder:43269
Retail Price: $225.00 CDN
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One custom take home whitening tray package from Dental Hygiene by Dezarae.  This package will require an in-office appointment to complete medical history and assessment.  Valid until December 31, 2020.Block Closed
Take-Home Whitening Tray Package.
Final Bid: $60.00
High Bidder:91019
Retail Price: $150.00 CDN
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10 Gift Certificates of $10.00 each from Westside Fish and Chips. This restaurant is Huntsville's oldest family operated restaurant since 1979!Block Closed
10 Gift Certificates of $10.00 each at Westside Fish and Chips.
Final Bid: $100.00
High Bidder:13803
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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The Barrie Country Club is pleased to provide a golf for four.  Power carts are not included but are available for hire.  We are a private country club that is committed to quality golf while providing members an extensive recreational and social experience in a friendly and comfortable environment.
Valid until the end of the 2020 golf season.Block Closed
Golf foursome at The Barrie Country Club.
Final Bid: $230.00
High Bidder:81417
Retail Price: $400.00 CDN
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One black winter Choko Authentic Apparel GMC Jacket, size large and one lube oil filter change valid only at Ward Edmonds GM.  Lube, oil and filter service includes oil change, oil filter, lube all grease fittings and hinges and 15 point inspection.Block Closed
Winter GMC Jacket & Oil Change.
Final Bid: $125.00
High Bidder:91513
Retail Price: $208.00 CDN
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6 cartons x 20 pods of Maple coffee that are Keurig compatibles pods and are 100% compostable pods.

Muskoka Roastery's handcrafted blends were developed in and inspired by Muskoka. Our signature flavoured coffee, Muskoka Maple, starts with a blend of South and Central American beans, and then adds a subtle flavour that evokes memories of a clear spring morning at the sugar shack. Or the soft aroma of our 'Loon Call Breakfast Blend', enticing you to the dock.Block Closed
Muskoka Roastery Coffee - Maple Pods.
Final Bid: $70.00
High Bidder:31321
Retail Price: $115.00 CDN
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Bronze Maintenance Membership.  Winner entitled to great discounts on service of brakes, tires, oil changes and scheduled maintenance.Block Closed
Bronze Maintenance Membership.
Final Bid: $55.00
High Bidder:80698
Retail Price: $120.00 CDN
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$100 gift certificate redeemable for boarding and doggie daycare at Four Paws Inn.  May be used for multiple stays.  Four Paws Inn brings over 15 years of experience in Kennel Operations and Management, as well as various forms of training and K9 Athletics.

We believe that pets are more than just animals, they fill an important part of our hearts and we strive to ensure they live the best lives possible.Block Closed
$100 Boarding and Daycare of Dogs and Cats.
Final Bid: $22.00
High Bidder:10931
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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1 week day camp at Arrowhead Camp, Ontario.  Each day starts at 9:00 and finishes up around 5:00 pm.  Enjoy activities such as: archery, arts and craft, baseball, basketball, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, nature walks and exploring, wake-boarding and more.Block Closed
1 Week Day Camp at Arrowhead Camp.
Final Bid: $230.00
High Bidder:06555
Retail Price: $290.00 CDN
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Family Full-Season/Full Pass Membership at Muskoka Heritage Place.  Enjoy 1 full year of educational entertainment at our Museums, Pioneer Village and Train during our 2020 season.  We recommend phoning ahead to confirm train schedules and hours of operation.Block Closed
Family Full-Season Membership at Muskoka Heritage Place.
Final Bid: $36.00
High Bidder:67718
Retail Price: $156.00 CDN
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